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Old North Church (ONC) has been a central part of Marblehead’s history since the townspeople gathered to worship in their homes in 1635. When the first Meetinghouse was constructed in 1648, the site served the entire community both for services and for town meetings.


Today, our congregation takes pride in knowing that its church home is also the chosen place for many weddings and funerals for the greater Marblehead community and hosts public concerts and town events. The bell in our tower still rings to announce important events and celebrate national holidays.

Just as earlier generations came together to build and maintain the Old North Church of Marblehead, it’s the responsibility of ONC members and its friends in the wider community to preserve it for present and future generations.

"My journey at Old North spans more than 70 years.  I consider it "glorious and ongoing" and I am so grateful."  Holly Jannell

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