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Old North Church 2023 Capital Campaign

2023 Capital Campaign Recognition

Old North Church of Marblehead is grateful for all the donors who have made our campaign a success.  We sincerely thank you!

Golden Cod Circle: $50,000+

Ehrhardt, Rebecca and Larry

Halbert, Betsey

Johnston, Chris and Joanne

Livingston, Susan

Paul Revere Sponsors: $25,000 - $49,999

Borggaard, Andrew and Jennifer

Doherty, Meredith and Dan

Heide, Ulf

Morgan, Don and Louisa

Park, William

Robie, Ann

Robie, Chip and Susan

Sands, Sally and Larry

Smith, Raymond and Marilyn

Granite Sponsors: $5,000 - $9,999

Adams, Marge and Mark

Ainlay, Stephen and Judith


Arren, Frank and Chris

Cushman, Eliza and Russell

Davis, Liane and Paul

Denhard, Flory and George

Fillenworth, Scott and Kimberley

Hare, Paul and Lynda

Hendricks, Robert and Delores

Jackson, Jennifer

Lakin, Robert and Rosemary

Leveroni, Charles and Amy

MacLaren, Gail

Motley, Herb

Verbridge, Jean

Weiner, Donna and Lee

Yarmoff, Louise

Yeaple, Jean

Pillars of the Church: $1,000 - $4,999

Abatjoglou, George and Tannas

Altreuter, Roger


Breed, Lynne and Richard

Bullis, Anne and Ned

Burgett, Dee

Carey, Brad and Cathy

Cassidy, Pamela

Craig, Arlene

Cuzner, Judy

Danforth, Amy and Jock

Day, Barbara and Tom

Duvel, Linda and William

Eissner, Judith and Bruce

Elder, David and Nancy

Gardner, Don and Hollister, Mimi

Gotschall, Bob and Day

Gross, Howard and Joan

Hart, Mr. and Mrs. Peter

Holbrook, Betsy

Horgan, James and Kristin

Howe, Katherine

Hunt, Bette

Johnson, Dale and Gail

Koenig, Mary

Knight, Richard and Lee

Lynch, Jacqueline

MacDonald, Bonnie

Martin, Roy and Heather

McKane, Joseph

Mellen, Kristin

Memory of Margaret H Daley 

Nahatis, Lisa

Nash, Ellen

ONC Men's Group

Orne, Mary

Popperson, Lindsay and Ashley

Record, Gene and Abby

Redmond, Katharine

Remick, Don

Roberge, Mark

Robison, Rebecca  

Ryan, Dr. Russell and Susan

Schultz, Charles and Maryann

Svencer, Nick and Susan

Thomas, Diane

Vander Laan, Kathleen

Wallace, Ralph and Ruth Ann

Wiersma, Geertje Else

Zurn, Doug and Kerry

Bell Tower Sponsors: $10,000 - $24,999

Angle, Kathryn


Burckmyer, Rebekah

Coffman, Richard and Gabrielle

Conner, Judith  

Cross, David  

Dearborn, Jill and James

Doyle, Janet and Robbie

Eisenhower, Gary and Kay

Flaherty, Patricia

Freeman, Alan and Lyn

Jasaitis, Edward and Kathleen

Lord, Blair

Maag, Tracy and Bill

Macomber, Claudia

Nutt, Virginia

Regan, Thomas and Carol

Ryder, Doug

Scott, Tom and Dona

Sharp, Rhod and Vicki

Sooy, Bob and Wren

Tatum, John and Barbara

Taylor, Kenneth

Tips, Jennifer and David

Von Rueden, Rick and Ginny

Walker, Stow and Susan

Beams of Light: Up to $999

Anderson, William

Anderson, Judy

Angle, Kevin

Angle, Stephen

Angle, Timothy


Arbo, John and Meg

Belmer, Merrill

Bennet, Marcia and David

Bier, Kerry

Bishop, JoAnn

Boggis, Laurie and Clifford

Bradley, Robert

Britt, Dana

Bruce, Michael and Dale

Butler, Chris  

Carnevale, Penelope

Clisby, Ed  

Croom, Carol and Kevin

Curtis, Barbara

Davis, Mark and Gail

Donohoe, Nancy  

Eager, Marpa and Susan Pocharski

Freeman, Marilyn and Nick

Freeto, Scott and Elizabeth

Garrett, Cheryl

Gearhart, George and Marla

Gearhart, Heidi

Greco, Susan

Halbert, Emily

Hancock, Donald

Harrison, Richard

Hayden, Kevin and Jennifer

Higgins, Marion and Clive

Holt, Kathryn

Hosman, Joan

Huck, Molly

Jackson, Noah, Connor, Ryan

Kaeyer, Andrew and Jill

Kilham, Rondi

Kraybill, Jane and Fred

Leeson, Lolli and Robert

Longbotham, Miller

Lorie, Aine and Isaac

Lyman, Polly

Mead, Lesli

Morgan, Jerilyn

Parker, Christine

Percy, Minot

Perez, Michael and Lynne

Peters, Evonne and Mark

Richwagen, Pat 

Rockwell, Jeff and Annie

Sands, Hannah

Schaefer, Tom  

Seaver, Susan and Douglas

St Clair, Kathleen

Stahl, Jeanie

Stockdale, Deborah

Tenney, Steve and Beth

Tietjen, Nancy  

Till, Lillian

Uhl, Stephen and Jennifer

Waldo, Leah and Jon

Waldo, Marren

White, Margaret and Steven

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