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Youth Choir

Old North Church Marblehead MA

Old North Church has a rich and impressive history of choral programs for young singers. The Cecilia Choir includes children in grades 1-3, while the Parish Singers includes children from grades 4-8. High School students often participate as Interns and serve as wonderful mentors. The Parish Singers also participate in the annual Old North Festival Youth Chorus. For more information, please refer to the “Old North Festival Chorus” section. Click here for registration form.

Youth choirs rehearse on Wednesday afternoons – weekly – according to the following schedule:

Cecilia Choir: 3:30-4:15pm
Parish Singers: 4:30-5:30pm

Typically, rehearsals during the fall season for Parish Singers are adjusted to 4:30-5pm in order to accommodate Old North Festival Chorus rehearsals which extend from 5-6pm.  Accordingly, Parish Singers rehearse from 4:30-6pm until the first week of December, at which point two thrilling public Festival Chorus performances are presented.

The Parish Singers sing once per month at the 10am worship service and at special events, such as caroling around the community at Christmastime and a year-end Talent Show, among others.

The Cecilia Choir is scheduled to sing every other month at the 10am worship service and on certain special occasions. Both choirs follow the Marblehead Public School Calendar.

At weekly choir rehearsals, our young singers learn about sacred music, good singing habits, and explore the texts they sing about in order to gain a better understanding of the faith they practice. Participants in the Youth Choirs develop excellent musical skills, experience fellowship, learn about teamwork and commitment, and have lots of fun throughout the process!

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