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Back to the Lighthouse

With the arrival of Spring, we are pleased to return to the Lighthouse at Chandler Hovey Park for our in-person weekly worship service at 8 am, weather permitting.


If it is raining, the service will be moved to the church parking lot on Stacey Street, where it will be broadcast in the FM radio band. (Remember to look for the sandwich board sign at the entrance to Devereaux Beach: if it’s green, the service is on at the Lighthouse; if it’s red, head back to the church parking lot.) 


We will continue to observe the protocols recommended by the CDC and Massachusetts Department of Health.  By all means, if you are experiencing Covid symptoms, please remain at home and join us for our virtual worship services, which we will continue to post on YouTube and Facebook at 8 am on Sunday mornings.

We also continue to worship virtually. Find our services on YouTube  or on our Facebook page.